Capture photos or videos of your satisfied patients with your own custom photo application, branded photo booths, and other photography solutions.

Sophisticated Photo Sharing Tools For Your Brand

Instantly employ the power of high- quality word-of-mouth marketing and grow your dental or medical practice using the iMediSuite photo sharing application. Powered by FotoZap®, a world leader in custom photo sharing tools, the iMediSuite platform taps the power of shared photos to increase social ranking, drive patient referrals, and obtain the best ROI, with measurable analytics.

Your Turnkey Package Includes:

  • HIPAA Compliant Photo Sharing
  • Links To Popular Review Sites Like Yelp
  • A Custom Photo Gallery With Your Brand
  • Multiple Campaigns For Each Practice
  • Online Dashboard For Easy Reporting
  • Photos Delivered Within Seconds
  • License For Use at Off-Site Events
  • Complete Setup And Installation
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